Spring Book Picks

28 April 2015

Spring is one of my favorite seasons. The sun finally comes out, and I love to just sit in the warmth and read. After finishing my English degree back in December, I've been enjoying the freedom of reading whatever I want, whenever I want! Looking through my bookshelves and revisiting my favorite books and characters is one of my favorite things to do. I thought I'd share some of my favorite books that make me think of Spring. If you're looking for a Spring read, I've got you covered!

The Moon-Spinners by Mary Stewart is a suspenseful novel that follows a young woman on her adventures in Crete. There's murder, mystery, romance, and plenty of beautiful descriptions of the landscape. I picked up this book because I love the film version produced by Disney in the 60s. I still love to read books after I've seen the movie, because in many cases - like this one - the book offers more detail and plot intricacies. 

Emily of Deep Valley is one of those books that I just can't think of without smiling. This book is about a young woman making the transition from High School to adulthood in the 1910s, but the challenges she faces and the emotions that come with them are timeless. Maud Hart Lovelace beautifully captures many forms of love: the love Emily feels toward her grandfather, her friends, her beaus, and the community she serves. I love the simplicity of her story - showing how one can make a difference in their own community. 

I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith is a sweet, humorous, and daring novel, written in the form of diary entries of the main character, Cassandra Mortmain. I also read this book because I saw the movie, but the book offers a unique perspective. Set in an old castle in the English countryside during the 1930s, this books reminds me of Spring just because the setting seems so fresh and green. Like the other two books I recommend, this book is a coming of age story, emphasizing the Spring notion of a new beginning. 

What books remind you of Spring? Or what's on your Spring to-read list? 


My Desk

16 April 2015

Having a desk space has always been a necessity in my life. I've always been an artist, a crafter, and a student, so having my own place to spread out my work and create is important to me. I thought I'd share my desk set-up as it is now, because I always love to see how others organize their desk space and keep it functional.

I got this desk from Ikea when I was in high school, and it has been the perfect place for doing homework and all of my craft projects. The desktop itself has a built-in light table for tracing or drafting - a functional feature that I haven't used that often, but when I have needed it, it definitely comes in handy! I use the a-frame legs for storing my garbage/recycling bins and some Ikea boxes filled with craft supplies. Next to my desk, I have an Ikea bookshelf where I keep some more craft/office supplies, magazines, and files. Because I like to keep my desk space fairly open (and there aren't any drawers underneath), it's convenient for me to have all my supplies close by, but not cluttered on top of my desk.

On top of my desk I like to keep just a few everyday items. Scissors, pens, pencils, paper clips, a stapler, and sticky notes are essentials for me. I also keep some colorful pens/markers in a Ikea napkin holder in the back. I recently purchased the gold stapler and glass box from Target, and I found the little gold/brassy box (which reads "Rubber Bands" on one side and "Clips" on the other) at a vintage store. I store my pencils and pens in a mason jar - so as you can see I love to mix and match old & new! 

How do you organize your office space? Where are your favorite places to shop for office supplies? I'm always switching up the way I organize/style my desk, so I'm always collecting new pieces to help me stay organized.