Homework Station Essentials

12 August 2015

Homework Station Essentials
I believe that having your own space to do your homework is one of the best ways to motivate yourself and succeed. Without a dedicated space to getting work done, it's a lot harder to get started and settled in for a night of homework. 

First off, you have to have a desk or a table to yourself. Working in a shared space can be more fun, but it's also good to have a place where you can leave your books open and you won't be in anyone's way. It's also important to have a bright lamp for late night study sessions. I like to have fun posters and a calendar up so I'm not just staring at a blank wall. 
 On my desk, I like to keep
  • A candle (this one is Sweater Weather by Bath and Body Works - one of my favorite fall scents)
  • Some colored pens for brightening up notes
  • Extra paper
  • Sticky notes & tabs for marking important passages
  • A drink & mints
  • A book weight (this one is a life changer. Mine is from a local bookstore, but you can find them on Amazon or make your own)
  • Extra pens and pencils

What are your homework station essentials? 


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