Fashion Friday: Back to School Look #4 - Fashion Math!

28 August 2015

Fashion Math

When you've got a lunch to make, a test to study for, a reading to finish, and a club meeting to plan, the last thing you want to worry about in the morning is your outfit. Unless you wear a uniform, your closet can hold an overwhelming number of options. Having your own "uniform" is a great way to know you have options - but options that work together.

In this set, I've shared one of my favorite "outfit formulas". I generally plan this outfit around the scarf and sweater - if you have a lot of neutral tees and blue denim jeans, you can easily pair anything with a coordinating scarf & sweater. Then, all you have to do is add simple earrings and a pair of brown, black, or grey booties. It doesn't get much easier!

So there you go - Fashion Math 101. A simple outfit equation for a fabulous fall look.

What's your go-to "fashion formula" for back to school? Or do you mix it up everyday?


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