Fashion Friday: Back to School Look #2

14 August 2015

Back To School Look: Cozy Friday

After the excitement of a new school year fades and the weather starts to turn blustery, it's good to have some cozy basics to throw on. A rain jacket, sweatshirt, and slouchy tee may not seem like the most fashionable choices while you're shopping, but when test days roll around you'll be glad to have them in your closet.

For this comfy look, throw on your favorite pair of skinny jeans with a simple tee shirt and a cozy sweatshirt. Choose a pair of shoes that are comfortable like low-heeled boots or a pair of tennis shoes. (And don't forget fun socks!) Finally, put on a rain jacket for an extra layer of warmth and for wind/rain protection.

For an extra cozy day, bring a warm drink in a travel mug! I also included hair ties in this look because it's always a good idea to keep a few extra in your backpack for when you want to get your hair out of your face during a test or a long class.

To be honest, I probably wore an outfit like this everyday during the fall and winter of my academic life! There's nothing cozier than a warm sweatshirt or sweater and your comfiest boots.

What do you like to wear to stay comfy and cozy at school?


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