School Supply Shopping Tips & List

04 August 2015

School supply shopping has always been one of my absolute favorite things to do. I love browsing through all the ads, checking off everything on my list, and packing it all up in my backpack for the first day. Shopping for school supplies has always been a fun tradition in my family - I think our love for office supplies is genetic! 

Here are some tips to make your school supply shopping trip fun and productive:
  • Make a list beforehand. Think about which classes you're taking and what you'll need for each one. If you're taking geometry or calculus, for example, you'll probably need graph paper and a calculator. 
  • Stock up on essentials while they're on sale. I'm always amazed at how the prices of simple items like filler paper increase once the back to school season is over. Buying a few packs now might seem like overkill, but when you need it - you need it!
  • Take a friend! It's fun to have someone to help you keep track of your list, and you can split some items like packs of pens, pencils, sticky notes, and erasers.

My School Supply Shopping List:
  1. Planner - A planner is the perfect place to keep track of assignments, due dates, and random notes/ideas. This one is from Target's Dollar Spot - and it's totally cute!
  2. Pencil Case - Having all your pens and pencils in one spot will keep them from floating around your backpack and marking up everything else. Plus, it's a perfect spot to keep other small items like paper clips, chapstick, and sticky notes.
  3. Folders & Filler Paper - For classes that are hand-out heavy, a folder with filler paper might be all you need. You might need more storage - like a binder/notebook - if you're taking a year-long course, but a folder with paper is a simple solution for the first days back before you know more specifically what you'll need. 
  4. Notebooks - I love spiral notebooks for note taking and writing. When I take notes and brainstorm paper ideas, I like the space and freedom to visually record all the ideas and connections that pass through my mind. 
  5. Homework and Project Tools - You never know when you'll need a glue stick, scissors, tape, a stapler, or a ruler! I consider these essential tools to have at home for those random creative assignments that pop up.
  6. Sticky Notes - Sticky notes are great for note-taking while you're reading and for marking important information in your notes or textbooks. They're also good for writing yourself reminders. 
  7. Pens & Pencils - When it comes to pens and pencils, I prefer to always overpack! Pencils and pens tend to disappear, so it's good to have extras with you at all times.
  8. Post-It Page Page Flags - I love these page flags for studying. They say "ON TEST", "STUDY", and "TO DO". These were especially handy when I was taking French, because the tests would cover material from many different chapters and sections.
  9. Note Cards - I can't even imagine how many note cards I went through in my academic career. From Art History flashcards to French verb conjugations and grammar rules, note cards are an essential tool for studying. The simple act of writing out the information again is a great way to study, plus you have a convenient way to study on the bus or between classes. 
What's on your school supply shopping list? 


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