April Beauty Favorites

02 May 2015

This April I didn't wear makeup very often, but when I did, I wanted to look fresh-faced with just a flush of color on the cheeks and lips. I have quite dry skin, so even as the temperatures rise I still need products that are going to moisturize and offer a dewy - not matte - finish. 

My sister kindly bought me this Tarte Maracuja Oil for my birthday, and I've been using it each night as a moisturizer. It really sinks into your skin, and instead of waking up greasy (like some moisturizers will do), you wake up with a hydrated glow. I also picked up this Rimmel Match Perfection foundation in 101 Classic Ivory, as I was needing a new base. I wanted something a little thicker than my tinted moisturizer, but lighter than some of the fuller coverage products I have. This is the perfect lightweight liquid. I love to mix it with the Maracuja Oil for a little added moisture and to prevent the foundation from clinging to my dryer patches. 

I purchased these two polishes in a set, for it was about 25% cheaper and I wanted to try them out! They're the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes in Sugar Fix (such a beautiful blue!) and the Top Coat. This is the only shade I have at the moment, but I am SO impressed with the formula that I definitely want to pick up more. This polish lasted two full weeks on my nails. There was a little chipping by that point, but I'm used to my polish chipping on day two, so this formula is definitely a winner! If you're going to try these polishes out, I would recommend waiting until the color is completely dry before adding the top coat or it will pull some of the color away. I'm not usually one to spend more than 3-4$ on a polish, but these are definitely worth the price! 

Oh blush... I think I'm still learning how to wear blush without looking like a clown, but this blush is practically fool-proof. It's Benefit's Hervana Blush and it's gorgeous! It is a very subtle cool toned blush with shimmer, so it's perfect for wearing on the cheekbones as a highlighter/blush combo. I may have bought it because it reminds me of Scooby Doo Push Pops (anyone?), but it really is a lovely shade to add just the slightest flush of color and a little highlight. 

What were your favorite products this April? What's your go-to Spring look?

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