Fashion Friday: How to Style Flared Jeans - Four Ways!

11 September 2015

One of my favorite trends this season is the return of flared jeans! I'm glad to see them back in fashion favor and available in a variety of washes, styles, and degrees-of-flare-i-ness. 

Before I get into four different ways to style your flares, here are two basic shopping tips to help you find the perfect pair:

  • Look for a high waistline. An emphasized waist will balance out the volume toward the bottom of your legs.
  • Make sure they're long enough. When it comes to flared jeans, I think it's always better to buy long - if they shrink, you'll be able to wear them with flats or tennis shoes, and if they don't, you can rock them with a chunky heeled clog or boot. Too-short flares are unflattering and don't really look good with any shoe. 

Look #1: Boho-Glam

This look is all about embracing that 70s vibe. I've paired a lighter-wash flare with a fitted grey turtleneck, flowy burgundy coat, and chunky heels for a glamorous fall look.

How to Style Flared Jeans: Boho-Glam

Look #2: Parisian-Chic

This simple look is inspired by the classic glamorous look des femmes Parisiennes - each piece is timeless and will never go out of style. I paired a medium-wash flare with a red & white striped tee, khaki trench, and black loafers for this chic and comfy look.
How to Style Flared Jeans: Parisian - Chic

Look #3: Sporty

This look also channels a bit of the 70s vibe - with light-wash flares, a raglan baseball tee, letterman-style sweater, and Adidas, you've got a fresh athletic outfit.
How to Style Flared Jeans: Sporty

Look #4: Clean & Polished

For this final look, I wanted to show a more formal approach. By pairing a button down top and cropped sweater with a dark-wash flare, this look is more business-appropriate. For a little fun and even more height, I also included a chunky-heeled boot.
How to Style Flared Jeans: Clean & Polished

Will you be wearing flared jeans this season? If so, what's your favorite way to style them?


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