DIY White Board Makeover

02 September 2015

I love simple DIY projects that you can make out of items you already have lying around. One Sunday morning, I couldn't stand to look at my bland, under-utilized white board any longer. So I did what any crafty person does: look up a DIY project on Pinterest! But I couldn't find anything quite right for me - I don't need to organize a whole family, and because my whiteboard isn't in the most visible place, it's not ideal for reminders or important notes. I decided that what I most needed was a month-at-a-glance calendar, a place where I could write down the big events and see the month as a whole. Below is a picture of my whiteboard "Before" - you can see that it was really just a place to store random photos, drawings, and magnets. Not exactly functional or beautiful.

What better way to quickly make something cuter than washi tape?! First, I cleaned the entire board with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and I chose a tape that goes with the decor of my room - a gorgeous, 30mm (about 1.18inches), hot pink and blue washi tape made by Scotch. I then covered each of the silver edges with that tape, carefully lining everything up. Then, I started creating my calendar. I used a gold washi tape I found in the Target Dollar Spot, and I actually needed two rolls to get through the whole project! I used a ruler and a dry erase marker to place dots at 3.5inch increments (that will leave a 3inch square of space to write, the tape is about 1/2inch thick). I left a space at the top for the month and days, and I made five squares down and seven across! There's also a good 6inch space to the right of the calendar to put a magnetic notepad, a container for dry erase markers, and magnets.

As you can see, it looks much better! Not only is it more functional, but it looks a whole lot cuter too. I also discovered that with the 3inch squares, I could use sticky notes to mark the really important stuff!

Instead of a generic, old-looking white board, I now have a bright, unique white board calendar that I love to use! The solution was quick, simple, and inexpensive! 

Anybody else out there love a good DIY project? Be sure to follow me on Pinterest to see all the cute & crafty things that inspire me! 



  1. This is excellent! xx I'm going to share this with a few of my friends, if you don't mind. ;)
    ~ Sanjana