20 Creative Ways to Stay Inspired, Motivated, and Productive

26 July 2015

Whether you're facing a full week of days in the office, an at-home organization project, or errands that you've been putting off, here are twenty creative ways to stay inspired, motivated, and productive:
  1. Go on Pinterest. If you don't have an account, you're missing out. Pinterest is a gold mine of DIY projects, recipes, inspirational images, and generally cute stuff.
  2. Read. Taking a break from your project will clear your head and allow you to approach it with a fresh mindset. You might also be inspired by an image or quote you find in the text.
  3. Create an energetic playlist and do a little dance. Find your "happy songs" and put them all in one place.
  4. Stare out the window or go for a walk. Nature and people watching are sure to give you some great ideas for your project, and the fresh air will help you de-stress.
  5. Pull out all those old magazines. Trends may change and things may look outdated, but you might find some inspiration in the pages of months past.
  6. Get organized. Sometimes, you need to add an extra step in before you tackle a project. Listing out all the tasks that you need to accomplish will help you feel like the project is more manageable. Plus, there is no greater feeling than checking off check boxes. 
  7. Take a bath. There's something about warm water and bubbles that allows you to focus more intently on your thoughts and ideas. Bring in a notebook for when inspiration strikes.
  8. Light a candle. It's crazy how something so small can make such a big difference, but the simple act of lighting a candle signifies that you will stay in one place until the project gets done. Plus, delicious smells. 
  9. Dress up. I don't mean a dress and heels. When you're stuck at home working on a project, it can feel good to spend sometime making yourself feel ready for the day by showing, dressing, and getting your hair out of your face. 
  10. Take time to organize your space. A cluttered workspace can be distracting and overwhelming. Spend a few minutes tidying up to keep focused on the task at hand.
  11. Eat. Drink. Snack. For difficult projects, treat yourself to your favorite drinks and snacks. Anything to keep yourself on track!
  12. Turn off your phone and computer until you need it. Sometimes pen and paper is the best way to get all your thoughts out. Plus, you can easily organize your ideas visually.
  13. Exercise. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but giving a workout your all can make you feel like you can accomplish anything.
  14. Chat with a friend and share what you're struggling with. Maybe all you need is to explain why you're uninspired or unmotivated, and you'll find it.
  15. Take a minute to reevaluate. Remind yourself why you're doing the project in the first place.
  16. Find a new scene. Try working at the library, a coffeeshop, or a park. 
  17. Try to find something exciting about the project. Whether it's an opportunity to use those colored pens you love, or to make a cute bookmark, or to learn something new, there's always a more positive way you can frame it.
  18. Write out your feelings. Maybe there's an underlying issue or something else that's distracting you.
  19. Search for quotes about motivation and success and write them on sticky notes. Place them where you'll see them.
  20. Remind yourself that you can do it. Because you can!
How do you stay inspired, motivated, and productive?


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