Fashion Friday: How to Style Culottes

17 July 2015

Current Trend: Culottes

Current Trend: Culottes by haleympettit featuring a crop tank top

It's a skirt! It's pants! No... It's culottes! Culottes are one of my favorite current trends - they're sophisticated, but they're also incredibly comfortable. The style of a skirt, but with the ease of a pair of pants. 

With their signature wide leg that hits mid-calf, culottes can be a little tricky to style - you don't want too much volume anywhere else. But the great news is that culottes can work for many body types. With a high waist, culottes are great for elongating the legs and emphasizing the waist. 

Here are some tips for how to wear culottes this summer:

  1. Choose a pair that's black, navy, or white. They go with basically anything, and will slim more than a printed or bright colored pair.
  2. Choose a top that will further emphasize the waist - either a fitted crop, a tie-front blouse, or something flowy you can tuck in. You want the waist to always be defined.
  3. Pair with shoes that will further elongate the leg - like a heeled sandal - or that will provide fun contrast - like a tennis shoe. Flats or sandals will work too, depending on where the culottes hit your leg.
If you're into the culotte trend, but aren't sure if it's for you, I hope this post encourages you to rock a pair this season. I like to think of trends as inspiration - an ever changing book of new ideas for how to dress. Trends aren't rules that have to be followed. So have fun with them!

Will you be rocking a pair of culottes this season? What are your favorite current trends?


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