Ikea Magazine Storage

02 July 2015

 Anyone who knows me well can tell you that I have a bit of an obsession with magazines. I just love them! I love the essays, the photos, the illustration, the typography, the page design, the features... the list goes on! I also have a bit of a problem - I can't bear to throw them away! Not right now anyway. So I had to come up with a storage solution that helped to conceal some of my magazine boxes and shield some dust.

I went into Ikea on a mission: I knew I wanted three of their cheap Lack Tables. These side tables sell for $8-$10 so they're definitely not the highest quality furniture out there. But they work for me! I chose the faux-birch effect because I already have a lot of white furniture in my room, and I knew I would be placing them by my white dressing table and underneath a mounted white shelf.

I had already purchased the white & birch crates from Target to hold my records, so I love the way everything ties together. The tables don't hold very much weight - I think up to 50lbs or so - so I've kept the decor light: I placed my record player on one, and on another I've put a crate with library books and a vase of flowers.

I love the way that these small tables took an empty space and turned it into a functional place. As you can see, I can fit two rows of magazine boxes underneath! (Yes. That's how many magazines I've collected. Guilty.) It was a quick & inexpensive solution that I am continuing to enjoy as I switch up the decor.

How do you store/organize your magazines? Or do you tear out your favorite pages?


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