Nail Polish Organization & Essentials

20 July 2015

Today's post is all about nail polish - how I organize my collection, and what I think are the essentials for a pretty at-home manicure. I've never been particularly obsessed with nail polish, but I do like to have painted nails.  

I like to keep everything I need in a shower caddy - it's portable and it keeps everything organized and easy to find. I like being able to take everything with me to the tv room or outside, or wherever I want to paint my nails. Also, I store the caddy in my closet to save space in my dressing table. The only negative is that it collects quite a bit of dust. But luckily, everything is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

My at-home manicure essentials:
  1. Nail Polish Remover - an essential! I like to keep this medium-sized bottle in my caddy and refill it from a larger bottle I keep in the bathroom. I use the Target brand Strengthening Nail Polish Remover. Underneath the bottle, I keep a few cotton pads.
  2. Nail Files & Cuticle Pushers - pretty self explanatory! 
  3. Nail Clippers, Toe Separaters, and Cuticle Creme - again, these tools kind of explain themselves! 
  4. Nail Polish - some of my favorite brands are Wet & Wild, Revlon, and Sally Hansen.
  5. Manicure Ideas - I've pulled these little booklets out of magazines. They're great for inspiration when you're feeling bored with your polishes. 
And that's it! This organizing solution has worked for me for years. It's convenient to have everything in one place, and to have everything visible. 

How do you store/organize your nail polish collection? What are your manicure essentials?


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