My Favorite Beach Reads

05 July 2015

There's something about the beach that just calls for a fun, romantic book. Whether you're lounging in the sun and sipping on a cool drink, or curled up in towels behind a wind screen, a good book is a necessity. These are just a few books that I think would be great beach reads:

This book has everything you'd want from a beach read: romance, humor, heart, and a good deal of self discovery. This book is the first in the series about Belly and her relationship with Conrad and Jeremy - two very different brothers. You can probably guess that there's a bit of a love triangle, but Jenny Han also writes beautifully about family relationships and coming of age. Also, the setting is a seaside town, so the beach parties and sunrises will fit right in with your own surroundings.

Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson
This book is a beautiful story of - you guessed it - second chances. Set in a lakeside town, this book has all the charm of a small town, plus all the inevitable drama. One thing I love about this book is that it is partly told through flashback, as the main character relives her past summers. Although there is a sad element to this book, Morgan Matson also draws out the hope and sense of belonging that comes from family relationships and close friendships.

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart
This book is for beach readers looking for something with a little drama and mystery - it had my jaw open in shock! This book also takes place in a small beach community, and explores the relationships between families and friends. Along with the engrossing plot, the characters are richly portrayed and the language is beautiful. If you love the YA genre but want something a little different,  I think you'll love this suspenseful read.

Now, this book doesn't exactly take place at a beach, or during the summer, but it will have you laughing out loud. This is the first in the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series, a series I read over one summer and thoroughly enjoyed. Georgia Nicolson is a hilarious teen who never fails to get herself into embarrassing situations. Written in a diary format, these books are perfect for traveling and beach reading because there are many places to stop, and easy places to pick it back up. If you love anything British and everything girly, you'll love this series. 

What are your favorite beach reads? Are there any series you can't put down?


*cover images are from each publisher's website, linked to the title

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